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Boat Pick Up Lines

  • I’m not much for boats. But I can see myself in a ship with you.
  • Have you ever driven a boat? Try to park it on my dock.
  • Baby, you’ve bought yourself a cruise on the Love Boat. I’ll be your captain.
  • Want to go back to me ship and rock the boat?
  • You rock my boat like captain crunch.
  • I can’t stop sinking a boat you.
  • I got the boat. You got the harbor. What say we tie up for the night?
  • If you were a boat I would keep you in a garage.
  • I’m good with a motorboat.
  • This boat witnessed the different moods of the ocean but it remains sturdy.
  • Are you the boat from finding nemo?
  • Because from the moment I saw you, I am lost.
  • As the waves are crashing down through my spine, sweet vibrations of the boat lingers on me.
  • Nice dock, mind if I park my boat in it?
  • Take care of this boat for it will surely take care of you during the stormy nights.
  • What did one boat say to the other boat? Would you be interested in a little row-mance between us?
  • If you want to please me, just get on a boat.

Trending Boat Pick Up Lines

  • My dad has a drift boat.
  • I’d love to dock my boat in your harbor.
  • Hey baby, are you a tsunami? Cause you can rock my boat all night long.
  • The sound of the waves is like the breeze of the first summer spring.
  • I’d like your boat to pull in my pier.
  • I have a boat, if you could grab the bait.
  • As I looked down at the dark ocean from the boat, I feel I was staring into your eyes.
  • We are all like a boat. We keep on sailing that waves don’t matter anymore.
  • Fishing has always been a dirty sport.
  • Excuse me, can you tell me if my boat shoes are, like, regulation?
  • I could compare my life with a boat, I am only needed in the sea and useless when in land.
  • I only have extra large bait.
  • The boat went mad as I sit next to you but I feel everything is inexplicably perfect.
  • I only fish when the fish are biting.

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