402+ Donut Pick Up Lines

These are Donut Pick Up Lines. So when you see or meet a hot girl or guy at the donut shop. Then you need some Donut Pick Up Lines to impress her or him.

Then you can use these Donut Pick Up Lines to flirt or start an interesting conversation with that girl or guy at the donut shop. So why are you waiting for?

Let’s dive into it.

Donut Pick Up Lines

  • You are the coffee to my donut, you complete me.
  • Are you a donut? Coz I’m gonna taste you.
  • You must be a donut because you make my clothes shrink.
  • If you were a donut you would be hotter.
  • My gender is donut coz everybody is obsessed with me.
  • Are you a doughnut? Because I find you a-dough-rable.
  • Baby I love you like I love donuts.
  • I’d like to be the donut jelly that melts in your mouth.
  • Do you like Krispy Kreme? I wanna glaze your donut tonight.
  • You are like a donut. Once I taste you, I can’t stop.
  • Hey, you have lovely pieces of donuts.
  • Do you prefer donut or just nuts? I have both at my place.
  • Hey baby, do you want to get donut or do you want to be the donut?
  • Do you like Krispy Kreme? Cause I wanna glaze your donut.
  • Are you a donut? Cause your all sugar and curves.
  • Did you say you donut care about me anymore?
  • You are the hole that complete my donut.
  • You donut care about the diet you were in anymore.

Best Angel Pick-Up Lines

  • Are you dunkin? I donut want to spend another day without you.
  • Are you a donut? Cuz I’m gonna glaze you.
  • You are as a dough-rable as this donut.
  • Do you want donuts for breakfast at my place?
  • You are a hot donut can I eat you?
  • Donut grease is hot, but you are hotter.
  • You wake up my taste buds like a tasty donut.
  • The other day you defined cinnamon as Jamaican donut.
  • I’d like to be the donut jelly that melts in your mouth.
  • I have a bunch of donuts back at my place.
  • Are you a plain donut? Because I’d like you with nothing on!
  • I like you babe, I like my donuts, fat free and always tasty.
  • How do you like your donuts in the morning? Glazed or frosted?
  • Babe are you a donut? I want to take you out and eat you in my car.
  • Donut patronize me by asking how many grams of fat are in a Paczki.
  • Do you like donuts? If not can I have yours?
  • You are like a donut. Once I taste you, I can’t stop.
  • I like women like I like my donuts – hot and holy!

Trending Angel Pick Up Lines

  • Are you a dirty donut, I don’t mind and I’ll lick you clean.
  • To you, a donut is a poor man’s substitute for women.
  • Seeing you make me melt like jelly on a hot donut.
  • You donut know how much I love him.
  • I donut know what happened last night, I just knew you were hot and sweet.
  • Girl you are a donut, and I could eat a donut for hours.
  • Are you a donut? Because you’re a snack with a hole.
  • Is your name dunkin because I donut want to spend another day without you.
  • Babe you are like a donut, I thought I was on a diet but I don’t care anymore.
  • Have you seen a hot dog through a donut? I can give you a good show tonight.
  • All the other girls are plain bagels, and you are my one and only sprinkled donut.
  • Donut take this the wrong way, I just wanna sprinkle you with with sugar and spice.
  • It is easier to describe the taste of donut than my feeling for you.
  • If only I were that donut you are eating, because then I would already be inside you.
  • Donuts love coffee, you got some donuts and can I buy you some coffee.
  • Love is like donut, you know its bad for you, but it feels so good. Want some donut?
  • Do you like chocolate glaze on donuts, coz you are gonna choke a lot on this dise.

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