79+ Justin Bieber Pick Up Lines

Justin Bieber Pick Up Lines:- These are Justin Bieber Pick Up Lines. So when you see or meet a hot girl or boy who are a fan of justin bieber. Then you need some Justin Bieber Pick Up Lines to impress her or him.

Then you can use these Justin Bieber Pick Up Lines to flirt or start an interesting conversation with that justin bieber liver guy and girl. So what are you waiting for?

Justin Bieber Pick Up Lines

Babe, you are the reason to breathe.

You’re imperfectly perfect.

I don’t know your name, but I love your smile.

Everything about you girl is so contagious.

For you, I would walk a thousand miles.

I don’t want nobody when I got your body.

It’s crazy to me, I even see you in my dreams.

You’re pretty, I’m cute… together we’re pretty cute.

If I could just die in your arms, I wouldn’t mind.

Oh you like takis? Id like to ta-ki to you on the phone.

You’re beautiful, you know it, I think it’s time you show it.

Don’t be so cold, we could be fire.

I could be your Buzz Lightyear, fly across the globe.

Is your name Justin? Because I want to be Just In you.

Best Justin Bieber Pick Up Lines

I could be your Buzz Lightyear, fly across the globe.

If beauty was inches… you’d go for a miles.

Am I mistaken or is Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” about you?

Hello, am I wrong or is the song of Justin Bieber ‘Baby’ you?

Can you be my very own version of Justin Bieber, darling?

Your lips, my biggest weakness. Shouldn’t have let you know…

I’m not Justin Bieber, why do you say girl, I love you more than once.

Hey baby, this fondue is waiting for you. You wanna taste it?

Christmas wasn’t merry, 14th of February not one of them spent with you.

Girl, I am pretty sure the song Baby was originally written for you.

I’d like to be everything you want. Hey girl, let me talk to you.

I’d wait on you forever and a day, hand and foot, your world is my world.

I want to know you by heart like I know the lyrics of the Justin Bieber’s songs by heart.

Girl, come a bit closer. Look in my eyes. Searching is so wrong. I’m Mr. Right.

Trending Justin Bieber Pick Up Lines

Christmas wasn’t merry, 14th of February not one of them spent with you.

I don’t need nothing else. I promise girl, I swear. I just need somebody to love.

I’m a really claustrophobic person to begin with. I hate elevators, especially crammed elevators. Except if it is you and me.

Hey beautiful, would do with me if I told you that I stole Justin Bieber chapstick in there.

I would like to sing the song Baby for you over and over again until you become my own baby.

I got my favorite girl. Not feeling, no pain, no fear, don’t have a care in the world. Why would I when you are here?

Baby, you and I are like Justin Bieber and glass doors, I can not move without falling in the first place for you!

Let’s play doctor, come with Bieber fever and I will give you a full examination of the body!

Tell me what you like yeah tell me what you don’t/ I could be your Buzz Lightyear, fly across the globe.

How do you do, I don’t think that we’ve met. My name is Justin and I’m not from Minor Threat.

Don’t need these other pretty faces like I need you, and when you’re mine, in the world there’s gonna be one less lonely girl.

If you need me, I’ll come running from a thousand miles away. When you smile I smile (oh whoa).

It’s like an angel came by and took me to heaven, because when I stare in your eyes it couldn’t be better.

We play celebrity dogs, Papillon Justin Bieber, you can be Kardashian Boxer and I will bury my bone in your backyard!

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