59+ Tree Pick Up Lines

Tree Pick Up Lines:- These are Tree Pick Up Lines. So when you see or meet a hot girl or boy who are a tree lover. Then you need some Tree Pick Up Lines to impress her or him.

Then you can use these Tree Pick Up Lines to flirt or start an interesting conversation with that tree lover guy or girl. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive into it.

Tree Pick Up Lines

Our love will grow just like The Great Deku Tree.

If you were a maple tree, I would tap you.

Let’s head to the park so I can plant my tree.

Are you a tree? Cuz i’d love to piss on u.

If you were a tree hugger would you mind some wood?

If you were a garden, I would dig you to plant trees.

Cars Pollute, so can I pick you up on my electric scooter.

I love T&A, Trees and Air Quality.

Can I plant my tree in your rain forest?

You are must be a maple tree, cause I’d tap that.

Are you a tree? Because I care about you.

Are you a sugar maple tree? Because I would totally tap that.

The top of my Christmas tree is missing a angel like you.

Best Tree Pick Up Lines

You are so cool. I bet you help the trees prevent global warming.

If I were a squirrel, and you were a tree. I’d put my nuts in you.

Hey girl, are you a tree? Because I want to chop you up with an axe and throw you inside of a fireplace.

Hey babe, Are you a tree hugger? Cuz You’re about to get some wood.

Allow me call you a cherry tree, but not because of those fruits on your chest.

I’m against animal cruelty, so don’t hurt my monkey, please stroke it gently.

I’m told trees prevent global warming. How about we start a tree planting project with you?

You may fall from a tree, but the coolest way to fall would be to fall for me.

The tree isn’t the only thing that’s going to have an angel sitting on top of it tonight.

Like the bamboo sheets on your bed I want to cover you with sustainable love!

Erections don’t grow on tree, right? That’s why I’m spending a night with you.

You are like an endangered redwood tree to me: strong and tall. Can I hug you?

This place doesn’t have plenty of trees. Mind taking a shower with me to conserve water?

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