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Are you looking for Video Games Pick Up Lines? Then you are in the right place. Here are some latest video game pick-up lines, You can easily use these to impress someone who loves video games.

If you want to impress a girl or guys who love to play video games then these collections will help you to start a romantic conversation. These pick up lines are video games themed.

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Video Games Pick Up Lines

  • I need an extra heart. Can I have yours?
  • You complete my heart container.
  • Wanna leave this lobby and go into a private match?
  • Will you be my player 2?
  • How many COD points does it take to unlock you?
  • Do you feel it? And that just my aura.
  • If you were a map pack, I’d download you.
  • You’re the Princess Peach to my Mario
  • I need experience points. Will you help?
  • I can unlock your Wonderland.
  • Sticky going out! Sorry, you’re just that hot!
  • Hey girl do you play Minecraft? Because if you do I sure wanna play creative with you!
  • Will you be my final fantasy?
  • Are you a magic flower? Because you are burning me up.
  • Baby, do you need a phoenix down? Because you’re drop dead gorgeous!
  • Are you an Alienware? Because you’re out of this world!
  • Wanna go chocobo riding together?
  • Hey baby, can I buy you a potion?
  • Do ya wanna grind?
  • Hay baby, can my patrol enter your Hidden Vally?
  • You have the key to my chest, and inside is my heart.
  • Shall we go to your safehouse or mine?
  • I’d jump over a thousand barrels to save you.
  • Want to get hammered by justice?
  • Like an Umbreon, I also evolve at night.
  • Not even the sands of time could pull us apart.

Latest Video Games Pick Up Lines

  • Are you Donkey Kong? Because I want to Super Smash.
  • Wanna leave this lobby and go into a private match?
  • Your heart is like a dungeon; large and full of treasure
  • Hey baby, you wanna see my hidden blade?
  • If you were ore, I’d mine you all night long!
  • Flash Man must be nearby because when I saw you time stopped.
  • Gotta go fast, but I’d slow down for you. – Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Let’s breed chocobos… the old-fashioned way!
  • I’m “free to play” tonight.
  • Like Ezio, I’m great from behind and above
  • I like the color of your fireball. – Street Fighter
  • Baby, we’ll have a great night together, and it’ll only cost a quarter. – Pac-Man
  • Baby, you look beautiful and pure, just like Aeris.
  • I think something is wrong with my auto-aim. I can’t take my eyes off you.
  • I’m like a zombie and you’re like the sun – you light me on fire!
  • I lost my linkshell, can I have yours?
  • Wanna play with my magic whistle?
  • You’re so hot, you warm my cold-blooded heart.
  • I must be gravel, because I’m falling for you.
  • You take my breath bar away.
  • Get down with me, baby, and I’ll make you have a Limit Break all night long.
  • You’re the only power-up I need.
  • I know my way around the cleft of dimension, want me to show you?
  • Are you a lever? Because you turn me on.

Video Games Pick Up Lines For Gamers

  • Are you a Wii? Because I love your joystick
  • Are we playing Minecraft? Cause your like a pressure plate, turning me on.
  • Would you like to form an alliance?
  • My princess is in this castle.
  • Cloud: My hair’s not the only thing that’s pointy right now!
  • You are hotter than Din’s fire.
  • Are you Alienware? Because you are out of this world
  • How many COD points does it take to unlock you?
  • I can keep going all night, i have auto-refresh!
  • I wanna make you wetter than the Zora Temple.
  • You have the key to my chest, inside is my heart
  • Do you like Nintendo? Cause Wii would look good together.
  • Guess what you and Ifirit have in common?
  • I must have defeated a boss, because I just found a heart container.
  • Are you my somebody? ‘Cause I’d like to become one with you.
  • You are my favorite legendary mount.
  • I want to wear you like a Razer headset
  • Are you a magic mushroom? Because you are making me grow.
  • You must be lava, you’re so hot and I can’t help falling in you
  • Are you tired? Cause you’ve been running through my mind all day. – Sonic the Hedgehog
  • I’m like an Xbox; I can go 360 all night long
  • Are you a slimeball? Cause you make my piston sticky
  • I need experience points. Will you help?

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