140+ Library Pick Up Lines

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Library Pick Up Lines

  • Kids play doctor so let’s play librarian.
  • What’s your call number, baby?
  • I bet I can find a place to fit you in my private library collection.
  • Am I too loud, perhaps you should shush me with your lips.
  • I’d catalog you under “Desirable!”
  • You’re body is so banging, what do you say we make a sequel.
  • You’re the hottest one I’ve checked out all week.
  • Are you reading Fahrenheit 451? Because damn, you’re smoking.”
  • Any room with you in is A Room with a View.
  • To me you are a library book. I can’t stop checking you out.
  • If you were mine, I’d catalog you under desirables.
  • Do you say you are like a public library? Does that mean anybody with a card can check you out?
  • So I see you like reading? Want to date a person who also likes to read?

Best Library Pick Up Lines

  • Are you a library book? Because I’d like to check you out.
  • If you played quidditch, you’d be a keeper.
  • Not even Snape could Severus apart.
  • I’d like to insert my private collection into that empty stack of yours.
  • Hi, my name is MARC. We should INSPEC each other to see if we MeSH.
  • Nobody believes you are a librarian. That’s why I wanted to try and check you out.
  • Are you an overcrowded library branch location? Because you are STACKED.
  • Do you want to reserve a study room? So we could study each other at the library.
  • Can I get a library card, so I can check you out?
  • Are you friends of the library? Great, because my name is The Library.
  • Are you a librarian? Well I really need to be shushed!
  • If you become the Lord of my flies, they will only unzip for you.
  • If academic librarians only let in scholars, I want to be one.
  • If you were a book in the library, I’d never return you and just keep you in my room.
  • So… they say Dewey had a harem, care to help me start mine?

Latest Library Pick Up Lines

  • No one believes I am a librarian, maybe you should try to check me out.
  • Are you shelf beauty? Because I’ve been searching for you everywhere.
  • You have the tightest hair bun in the place.
  • If you decline my wish to take you out, it would be a Crime and Punishment.
  • Can I get your refence number so I could look you up and check you out?
  • You must be a library book… because I can’t stop checking you out.
  • I am the direct of Adult Services. How many I help you?
  • People say you cannot judge a book by its cover, but girl you are top of the book.
  • Meet me in the stacks!
  • Boy, you must be a library book, because I can’t stop checking you out.
  • My reference desk or yours?
  • Would you like to come to my place and see my huge collection of Philip huge collection?
  • I want to impress a cute stranger with my book choice. What would you pick?

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Trending Library Pick Up Lines

  • If you were a book, I’d need glasses, because you’d definitely be fine print.
  • There are things much better than reading books in this library, reading your heart and body.
  • Do you have any overdue books, because you have FINE written all over you!
  • You are smoking hot. Do you read Fahrenheit 451?
  • Have you heard about the secret garden in the library where people go make out?
  • It’s not the size of the collection; it’s how you use it.
  • Are you friends of the library? Great, because my name is The Library.
  • Archivists do it with gloves on!
  • Can we make a sequel? Because your body is so banging.
  • Can we play library? In that case you’ll be the door and I slam you.
  • Are you a librarian? Because girl you point me to my wildest imagination.
  • What’s you cutter number baby?
  • Do you have overdue books? Because you have fine written all over you.
  • Damn… you have more hard covers than my private stash

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Librarian Pick Up Lines

  • Have you heard the one about the librarian with more stacks than she could handle?
  • I want to impress a cute stranger with my book choice. What would you pick?
  • I don’t care if there’s a no food allowed policy at the library, because I just want to eat you up.
  • Babe, forget about the time limit here, let’s go back to my place and do it all night long.
  • Babe, forget about the time limit here, let’s go back to my place and do it all night long.
  • What do you say we get out of here and find A Room of One’s Own?
  • If I could rearrange the classification system, I would put U and I together.
  • It’s a shame pets aren’t allowed in the library, because I’d love to see your eyes.
  • Are you a thriller? Because I can’t seem to put you down.
  • You have put a hold in my heart.
  • Do you love that hardcover so much or are you just happy to see me?
  • Let’s play search engine: enter your terms and see if you get positive results.

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